Sunday, February 14, 2010

*The Coincidence..

*Story No:1
One day while I am going to university. and I walking as usual,hopeing inside me of many feelings towards the society that I live ..
Then I walked around a large basin in which water and then sat on the side of the tub to relax a bit fact I was on this day frustrated and tired boredom of everything ...
While I sat I heard a voice calling me from the left side.A young man asked me to sit next to him ...
This young man seems simple and belongs to the poor class of society ..
When I sat with him I began to question. Why you call me? ... he did not answer!.I asked again what you want?he did not answer!I asked for the third time, In any side you want to talk ?No answer!!!

then I changed the question.Are you studying at university?

Now he began to speak ...

*He said :"I do not ...

*I told him who are you?...And what are you doing here ...

*He said I hated life,I hated myself,..Life is not is very difficult ...ect

*I said what do you do ..?

*He Said I do not work ...I do not have any job..

*I said why you came here?.

*I came here to know if students suffer and pain like what I'm suffering

*I asked him what is your level of study?

*He told me I did not study!,I did not go to school, never!

*I Noticed him concern, through shaking his hands and then he took out a cigarette.

*He said to me ..Please answer me do you suffer like I suffer.

*I told him that every man and every person has his own problems and suffering ..

You are not alone in this world ...

I stop here because the story is long...:)

I told him a lot of talk to make him feel comfortable and to help him to come out of this thinking can be dangerous, which will lead him to the most serious problems ..

As much as I tried to make a smile on his face what I felt sooner I also felt happy ..Then I understand he is helped me too...

The lesson I taken from this story is ..Before I met this young man I was in bad mood... But then I knew that I am much better than a lot of people who suffer more than me. Then I smiled and went to my class.

                   Written by: @.1996

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